About Us

Launched in 2019, LIEM envisions to reinforce that world-class quality product at a reasonable price. We unite modern product design and old school tailoring techniques to bring you a high quality yet affordable product. We began the journey by selling Shirts and later on we started manufacturing shirt, trousers, suits, blazers and half jacket. We’re motivated by a singular mission – to build a world-class brand, based out in New Delhi.

Focus on Design
We assist you to channel your personality, by providing fabrics and design options that are curated to reflect the latest sartorial trends. We are persistently innovating with fabrics and refining designs to ensure the perfect blend of contemporary design and classic tailoring.

Quality & exacting methods
The derivation of our shirts is very valuable to us. We’ve curated the fabrics that are an amalgam of comfort and luxury. We promise the finest raw materials and every detail is scrutinized. Our finishing process comprises only state-of-the-art machines and well-defined processes.

Fashion – Quirky and Fun!
We strive to simplify and demystify the process of shopping for custom-made shirts. Whether fabric classifications or collar specifications, we strive to keep them fun and quirky, making it easy to understand. Also, we frequently add new products to our collection.

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Nil 25-B Malviya Nagar
New Delhi-110017

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